Carlos Martin (Valencia, 1985) studied in Valencia at the Cardenal Herrera University. He lives and works in London since 2011 when he started to collaborate in different in different companies such a Afroditi Krassa, BarberOsgerby and Harry Dobbs Design. At the same time, he worked with Raúl Blanco at Martiniblanco Studio. In spring 2014 he founded his own studio, Carlos Martin Design.

His approach is based on the “Paperclip Process”. He understands Design as a deep research of the society, culture and human behaviour in order to obtain useful information. Afterwards, he develops experiences and shapes achieving coherent designs. In other words, the design is adapted to the users by studying their environment and habits. All this process, together with a synthesis of the contemporary aesthetic and an honest use of materials, leads the way to the search of the archetype: designing with as little design as possible.

On the other hand, nothing is left to chance, all the elements have been thought down to the last detail. There is always a strong reason why each component, each texture have been used.

Member of the ADCV and with a strong multidisciplinary background, he works in all the different fields of product design. Besides, he also collaborates in other ranges of design such as consulting, art direction or branding.

Since 2016 he become Creative Director and Owner of the Independent Eyewear Brand Mouet.